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Lupin, Cranberry & Cinnamon Skinnybik

Lupin, Cranberry & Cinnamon Skinnybik

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Pack of 2. Gluten free, and packed with fibre.

Skinnybik Cranberry tastes like a Christmas shortbread but with much fewer calories, half the carbs and sugar, negligible saturated fat and trans fats, 4 times more fibre and double the protein! 

Try 2 for your morning snack and 2 for your afternoon snack!

A 2020 La Trobe University Skinnybik biscuit clinical trial concluded that Skinnybik Lupin cookies (2 at morning tea and 2 at afternoon tea) lowered blood sugars in hospital patients with diabetes and reduced hunger. The 4 lupin Skinnybik biscuits consumed in one day not only lowered blood sugars when consumed but also up to 6 hours after they were consumed – known as the 2nd meal effect.

Compared to normal sweet biscuits Skinnybiks are low in:

  • Sugar & refined Carbs by 40%-50%
  • Fat by 30%-40%, Saturated fat by 80% with 0% trans fats
  • Salt by 50-80%
  • have 4 times more fibre
  • have 2 times more protein
  • only 56 calories each
  • No artificial colours & preservatives
  • No sugar alcohol (laxative) sweeteners (xylitol, erythritol), aspartame 

No artificial flavours, colours or preservatives. Gluten free.

Carbohydrate 5.1gm/Sugars 2.1gm/Calories 56

Contains:   Lupin flour (20%), maize starch, rice flour, whole egg,  almonds, humectant (vegetable glycerin), dried cranberries (7%), sugar, rice bran, canola oil, sunflower oil, guar gum, baking powder, spices (1%), natural flavour, sucralose.


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