Since launching our new range just 3 weeks ago we've had great reviews and kind words from our customers. Here they are - most recent ones first.
I LOVE the diabetes  food,  all worked out for me,  all calories  displayed on packages, perfect.. Lily, VIC. July 2017
Food is excellent, just received my second order,  the ten day food box, when I finish I will order more..
My brother has really enjoyed the food and found it easy for him to know what he is eating and if he needs to add more carbs or adjust his insulin intake. We were wondering if there were any larger packs that you provide other than the 20 meal pack we have just ordered? Do you do a 50 meal pack for example? Ash (NSW). July 2017
(We replied, Yes Ash, we do!)

Title: Better than I expected
Rating: 5 stars
From: Lynette (SA) July 2017

This food is delicious. I have never liked chickpeas before, the texture always put me off, so I was ecstatic when I ate yours. Not only did the meal taste brilliant, the chickpeas 'felt' good when I ate them. Thank you so much for providing tasty meals that are easy to prepare and are suitable for me to eat.


And the good news is I have lost 25kg by having your meals and my sugar level is so much better. Joanna, SA.

Thought I’d give some feedback on my first purchase from you.
Power Packed Porridge
Terrific! easy to cook and I can eat 50 grams (which is a good bowlful) where I can only eat 25 grams of oatmeal for some reason. Filling.

Creamy Coconut Beef Curry
Smelled awesome cooking, I think it has flavour but (for me) it was killed by the salt. I won’t order that again. If you can cut the salt way down by half I think you have a real winner.
(We've taken this on board thanks Rick and recipe is being adjusted)
Chunky Meatballs
Delicious! Good thing it was only 300 grams or I still be eating! 

Will try the rest later in the week. I am a grey nomad sort of and these are going to be great for travelling as long as the motel has a microwave. No more bad food or expensive restaurants for me now. Perfect for a treat for those of us who are not good cooks or for when you forget to take something out of the freezer.

Good and helpful service as well. 

As Arnold said “I’ll be back!”
Rick, QLD



Well pleased so far - everything is excellent. I just steam up a load of basmati rice and I'm away. The packaging is great - tough and unsplittable - most impressive!
I'll be ordering 50 per time - can you contact me regarding freight. Good luck with your timely and very clever iniative. Pete, NSW

Hello, absolutely delicious thanks and I add a salad (changes each day). You've got a returning customer in me. regards, Heather, VIC

I'm a foodie but needed some ready meals on hand as I'm about to have a knee operation - the flavour and smell of your meals are fantastic and I'll be ordering more. thanks, Jason, VIC

I love cooking and grow my own veg but my hubby bought these for me so it's one less thing to worry about when I'm having a bad day. These are amazing, you've really surprised me. Thanks so much. Jan, VIC

I hate cooking, but I also hate frozen meals - I was apprehensive about these but I'm not anymore! Great job, great idea and I can't wait to see your new meals. You've got a weekly customer in me. Lee, QLD

I have just received the new version of Diabetes Meals Online and have found them to very nice. Thank you. Gayle, Melbourne

My mum received her first order and LOVED them. We've just ordered more - thanks for a great service. Ellen, regional NSW

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