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Using only the best Australian farm fresh produce, Diabetes Meals Online are individually packaged in a unique retort pouch ensuring you have an easy to heat, flavoursome and nutritious meal ready to go whenever you are.  You can store your meals in the pantry or fridge, whatever works best for you. (refrigeration does not extend the shelf life, and freezing is not advised).
Diabetes Meals Online gourmet pouches

The benefits of our Gourmet Pouch packaging include:

  • easy to open notch at top of pouch
  • simple to cook (just 3-4 minutes in microwave, can be re-heated in oven or stove top too)
  • shelf stable for up to 2 years
  • they take up very little space in pantry or fridge
  • ideal for travelling and office lunches
  • they are easy and cost effective to ship to you wherever you live.
  • food tastes fresher, looks fresher and retains its nutritional value much better than frozen ready to eat meals
Similar to pressure cooking, retort packaging is an exciting and innovative process and just like the soups and other products you see on your supermarket shelves, your meal is enclosed in a sterile environment allowing you to keep them on hand for up to 2 years.
This sterile process means your meal is more sterile and safer than meat in a fridge.
All that yumminess and goodness is completely sealed in a strong, light-weight, flexible pouch and all you need to do is microwave for 3-4 minutes, or if you prefer, reheat in the oven or saucepan.
So convenient, cost effective and super easy to manage whether you’re dining at home or having a bite at work.


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