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NEW - 7 Day Lunch & Dinner Plan

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Treat yourself with lunch and dinner for 7 days a week. 

If you prefer making your own breakfast, then this is the plan for you. You'll get lunch, a snack, and dinner for 7 days. Lunch is a delicious vanilla flavoured meal replacement (tastes just like a milkshake!)  with a healthy choc biscuit, and dinner is a large 350gm serving which is simply reheated - no more to add.

Less than 400 calories in every meal. FREE SHIPPING.

You'll receive:

  • Slow Cooked Bean & Veggie Tagine (in a thick herbed sauce)
  • Classic Chilli Con Carne (beefy and divine)
  • Chunky Meatballs (in a herbed tomato sauce)
  • Luscious Chicken & Leek Casserole (in smokey bacon and cream sauce)
  • Moroccan Chicken (with 5 veggies)
  • Creamy Pumpkin Ravioli
  • Succulent Beef & Veggie Hot Pot (in a rich tomato-based sauce)
  • Sleeve of 9 Chocolate Skinnybiks
  • 7 French Vanilla Meal Replacements

Ingredients and Nutritional information for each meal can be found here.

Our meals have uniquely colour coded carbohydrate and sugar contents to help make meal time choice simpler. Please be sure to check with your qualified health professional before embarking on any new diet.

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