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  • 5 Meal Gourmet Box QUICK VIEW 5 Meal Gourmet Box $49.75

    5 Meal Gourmet Box


    5 delicious meals delivered to your door. A great way to sample our meals. Do you need a break from cooking, or know someone who does? Our 5 meal Gourmet Box is...
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  • Aromatic Bean & Vegetable Cassoulet QUICK VIEW Aromatic Bean & Vegetable Cassoulet $9.95

    Aromatic Bean & Vegetable Cassoulet


    In a thick herbed sauce. A rich aromatic vegetarian meal with borlotti beans and veggies. Enjoy on its own, or serve with a side of basmati or brown rice. Scrumptious. (Love this?...
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  • Chilli Con Carne QUICK VIEW Chilli Con Carne $9.95

    Chilli Con Carne


    Beefy! Everyone loves our chilli con carne. Our extra beefy dish is slightly spiced and very filling. Serve alone or over a cup of basmati or brown rice. Delicious! (Love...
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  • Chunky Italian Meatballs QUICK VIEW Chunky Italian Meatballs $9.95

    Chunky Italian Meatballs


    In a herbed tomato sauce. Back by popular demand! Our scrumptious meatballs are absolutely mouthwatering! Perfect on their own or serve with a side of salad or low-carb pasta.  (Love this?...
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  • Creamy Mushroom Risotto QUICK VIEW Creamy Mushroom Risotto $9.95

    Creamy Mushroom Risotto


    With brown rice, veggies and a hint of herbs. A delicious creamy risotto with herbed capsicum and zucchini and a touch of spice. So much flavour! Enjoy on its own or...
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  • Diabetes Counselling Service QUICK VIEW Diabetes Counselling Service $60.00

    Diabetes Counselling Service


    Managing diabetes for yourself, or as a carer, can be difficult and you may feel alone or overwhelmed. Our qualified counsellor, Janine Nicholls offers a warm and caring telephone counselling...
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  • Energy Burst Muesli QUICK VIEW Energy Burst Muesli $10.00

    Energy Burst Muesli


    With berries and seeds. Carbohydrate 20.3g/Sugars 5.1g/208 calories No artificial preservatives, colours or flavours. 8 serves per pack - only $1.25 per serve! Packed with berries and seeds our Energy Burst...
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  • Gift Card QUICK VIEW Gift Card from $25.00

    Gift Card


    Shopping for someone else but not sure what to give them? Give them the gift of freshly prepared meals with a Diabetes Meals Online gift card. Gift cards are delivered...
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  • Gluten Free Gourmet Box QUICK VIEW Gluten Free Gourmet Box $73.50

    Gluten Free Gourmet Box


    Managing a calorie controlled diet can be a real pain. Managing a gluten-free calorie controlled diet is even more difficult! We've made it simple for you. Our Gluten Free meals are...
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  • Low Calorie Gourmet Box QUICK VIEW Low Calorie Gourmet Box $60.50

    Low Calorie Gourmet Box


    Managing a calorie controlled diet can be a real pain. Our low-calorie gourmet box is designed to make meal choice so much easier. All our meals are under 400 calories...
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  • Luscious Chicken & Leek Casserole QUICK VIEW Luscious Chicken & Leek Casserole $9.95

    Luscious Chicken & Leek Casserole


    In a smoked bacon and cream sauce. A thick and rich creamy favourite with hearty chunks of leek, chicken and bacon mixed with veggies. Enjoy on its own or add...
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  • Mild Butter Chicken QUICK VIEW Mild Butter Chicken $9.95

    Mild Butter Chicken


    In a creamy tomato sauce. A velvety, slightly spiced dish with chunks of chicken and potato. Simply delicious with a side of basmati or brown rice or perfect on its...
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