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If it's in the pantry, it'll end up on your plate.

Here's the latest blog from our lovely dietitian Sherie!

Lets face it, how often do we head to the supermarket without a shopping list and end up buying everything in sight 👀. Not only does it add an extra cost to the bill, but we end up eating these foods, some of which are healthy and some not so much. 

By planning what type of meals we want to eat during the week and allocating these items on the shopping list (plus a few extras in the pantry in case we have unexpected guests or change our mind), we are;
1) Giving ourselves peace of mind earlier in the week, 
2) Ensuring meals have variety and are tasty and
3) Ensuring these meals are nutritionally balanced. 
Otherwise Uber eats and other online deliveries become our best friend especially during our busy weeknights🏃

So...How do we plan these meals in advance ensuring they are healthy, varied and tasty?

1) Since we eat with our eyes and our senses, choose meals that you will enjoy! Let's not set ourselves up for disappointment. Make a list of what meals you are likely to want for the week, taking into consideration you might swap days around or you may go out for a meal etc ✍

2) Ensure your main meal plate has the following combinations:
- 50% salad or veggies 🤚. Which is pretty much the bulk of it. It should be non-starchy veggies or salad. Any type; fresh, baked, steamed, roasted, stirfry, pan fry, bbq, however you like it. Don't let one negative experience or one type of vegetable taint your view on this healthy, low calorie, filling, fibrous element of your meal. Crunch, sip, munch and enjoy.
- 25% low GI carbs 👊; like potato, sweet potato, corn, quinoa, long grain/basmati rice and so on. These fill us up and give fuel/glucose for our muscles and brain and who wouldn't want that?. 25% of your plate is the size of your fist. Remember each person has their own personalised fist, therefore,their own serving size.
- 25% lean protein;🖐like red meat, white meat, oily fish, legumes, tofu. This compliments the meal and adds taste, texture, satiety and may also help sustain your blood glucose levels and avoid you from overeating on your carbs. Let's be real, we all like a bit of protein on our taste buds. Remember 25% is the size of your palm not your arm:) 

3) Either pre-cut your salads/veggies in advance, place in an airtight container and leave in the fridge for all your meals throughout the week, buy pre-cut salad/veggies or use frozen ones. Chopping can take time if one is in a hurry after work, so don't let that deter you and forward plan just a little. 

4) Ensure the night before or the morning of, that you are prepared so that there is no rush or pressure on your way home from work, school etc.

These little tricks of the trade may be a good starting point and before you know it, will integrate themselves into your lifestyle :) you won't know how things were before. 

Remember what you see in the pantry and on your plate, is a result of the choices you make. So let's make the healthy choice, the easy one. 
Bon Appetit everyone 🍽

Sherie Sourial- APD, CDE


Beating the Winter Blues

Our gorgeous dietitan and diabetes educator shares her latest tips on beating those cold winter blues!

Let's face it! The winter blues are real.
As the days become shorter, the nights are longer and  we head into our winter woolies, we are often in search for comfort to fill that void...true? 

 Guess what? Comfort in food is often what we as a society find warms our heart and calms our mind....But! only temporarily, till we realise this is not sustainable nor is it healthy...and by then it's almost summer and we've established a new (or ongoing) behaviour around food.
If there's one thing we can all agree on, it's that behaviour is not like a switch..we can't just turn it on💡 and turn it off. However what we can do, is be aware of the triggers and warning signs to take steps in advance..

Quick, realisic tips - let's be pro-active!

1. Can-do attitude⛹️‍♀️
-Choosing our attitude helps us focus on what we can do rather than what we can't. This can filter itself into other parts of ourlifestyle too. For example, if that 
outdoor morning walk does not feel appealing when it's dark and cold outside, remind yourself of how good you feel when you do it. This can be all you need to get up and do it. Alternatively find an alternative like hopping off a couple of stops earlier for work, or parking a little further and walking or anything else. However doing nothing is establishing a behaviour that can be difficult to change. 

2. Mindful eating🍉
- On scale of 1 to 10, if one is so uncomfortably hungry, that you can eat anything in sight and ten is so uncomfortably full that you're about  to "pop", a good place to aim for in hunger is three and fullness is seven. That way you're in a good place either side. 
-Savour the food and every mouthful as food is made to be enjoyed. 

3. Watch out for the vulnerable times.⌚
-We know ourselves best and we all have triggers that can set off a behaviour around food. That morning tea scone with jam will all of the sudden be so appealing, especially if we haven't had breakfast (as it was all abit of a rush heading out the door in the morning). Aiming for regular meals and avoiding skipping them is a good place to be.

-Supermarket shopping when we're hungry is a popular one. Although we don't mean to shop when we're hungry, we can often fall into this and all of the sudden find ourselves buying things not on our list (if we have one) and missing things that are on it .There may also be a larger bill to reflect this.

4.Planning meals a week ahead. 📋
-By the time we get home from work to then decide what we're going to eat can sometimes be a recipe for snacking, nibbling etc. This can drag into the rest of the evening. Aim to at least have a pencilled in plan of what meals you intend to eat throughout the week. It can also benefit from a cost saving perspective, as you will have a shopping list to go by. Bonus!

5.Find a hobby/activity that will leave you feeling refreshed,relaxed and energized. Here are some examples. 🎵🏓

   * Indoor sport or swimming 
   * Arts and crafts
   * Playing or watching music
   * Reading
   * Volunteering at a local school, community 

6. Seeking professional advice 👨‍⚕️
 Although these tips may be useful, we may still find ourselves feeling low in mood. If this is the case, please seek support as there is no need for you to go through this alone. You may know of someone to talk to, however your family Dr or other caring health professionals will be able direct you. 

For more info
- Healthy eating guidelines

- Physical activity recommendation 

- Guide for meal planning

- Beyond Blue

Happy living everyone 🍒

Sherie Sourial- APD, CDE

The people who helped us win Small Business of the Year

After winning the Small Business Award for 2017 (thank you 3AW/Momentum Energy) we'd like to thank the people and businesses that helped us get there.

Sherie Sourial - our Dietitian from

Sherie Sourial

Natalie Wischer - our Diabetes Educator at (National Association of Diabetes Centres)

Danny - our fabulous and hard working print and signage company at

Print Australia

Elly and Jan - our gorgeous pick and packers (and they often pop up a blog post here too).

And all our loyal customers - we wouldn't be here without you!

Tis the season to be jolly... eat,drink and be mindful. 🍉🍹🍡

It's all abit much...I feel exhausted! 😥

Our dietitian Sherie Sourial writes about diabetes burnout. Enjoy!

-I test my blood glucose levels at 4-6 times/day
- I inject insulin 4 times/day
- I am encouraged to eat healthily
- Low GI
- Having a hypo; high GI
- Going for a run; adjust my insulin, have more carbs...but I'm trying to manage my weight
- For some bizarre reason my glucose levels are elevated and I haven't done anything different 
- Keep between 6-8mmol/l. Avoid highs, avoid lows 
- Integrating diabetes into my life and allowing it not to occupy my thoughts and mind all the time... really? And how is that suppose to happen?.

Sound familiar? 

These are just some things a person with diabetes (type 1 or 2) can go through on any given day...and that's just in relation to their diabetes, let alone other non-diabetes decisions.

Rest assured! U are not alone. 
Firstly remind yourself, you are doing exceptionally well!

No doubt the thought of these points above and even other things can get overwhelming. To know that even when I do follow these things, I will continue to have diabetes, can feel  demotivating... don't let this get you down! You are stronger than this and have come a long way. The fact that you're processing and considering all these things means you have the motivation and will power compared to so many other people around you.

You may be feeling burnout. Yes Diabetes burnout does and can exist. 

As we spring into Spring, it's a chance to embrace the new season and also acknowledge that we can feel the pressures of the year in the air.

Tips to help you manage: 

-Make it real, be real and understand that it's ok to feel burnout and overwhelmed at times,
-Stay motivated. Doing your best can often be enough,
-Have support of family and friends around you, unload your frustrations and concerns by sharing them, 
-Take a quick little getaway; find that comfort and peace in things you enjoy, 
-Recharge those batteries and you will be back on your feet at better capacity again,
-Sometimes we need to take things back to basics and gain perspective again,
- Remember your healthcare professionals also care and happy to hear from you and help whether things are on track, overwhelming or off track. You are not alone.

Happy living everyone 

Keeping You Healthy 🍒
Sherie Sourial (APD,CDE)



Hands up who feels like they've blinked and  Christmas is around the corner?  No doubt this year has been quite a busy one. Whether it's work, study, kids, family or a whole combination. It is now time to take a step back and remind ourselves of the season we are embarking on. 
As we prepare for Christmas it is important to remind ourselves that it is a joyous occasion, a time we connect with family and friends. There is no need to be anxious as to whether or not you're "allowed " to eat certain foods. As the title states, 'You can make your cake and eat it too'. Having diabetes you can still enjoy the festive eats. We just need to be sensible and prepared.
How often do we hear these phrases? 'It's just once a year ', ' We're still eating our Christmas treats for months after'.The celebrations often start a few weeks before Christmas and extend to the New Year. How can we make our cake, eat it too, and still be mindful of our diabetes?
Here are a few tips that can help during this time of year:
* Be prepared. Make a list of the recipes you would like to make. Make sure the spread you put on has a selection of foods, colours and nutrients. Of course the traditional dishes like the turkey, the ham, lamb are always a favourite. The roast potatoes are always a great side and don't forget the beautiful coloured vegetables and salads. By having a selection of food groups you're automatically offering yourself and others a balanced meal. If you're bringing a plate to a family or friend's house, ask them what items are still pending on the menu and perhaps  you can bring that.
* Remember to pace yourself. Eat, Enjoy, relax and also be mindful. As the nibbles start, pick on a few, perhaps put a few items on your plate, that way you're mindful of what you're eating throughout the day. As the day progresses make sure you're taking breaks in between meals to give your body time to digest and absorb the amazing food around you. We often and especially this time of year ' eat with our eyes '. So remember, serve your plate , enjoy it and see if you need to refill as often we can overfill our plate because the selection is just too hard to resist.
*Make time in between meals to do other activities. Simple non-exhaustive activities like throwing a ball around,jumping on a trampoline, going for a walk/stroll. You can still enjoy this with family and friends.
*Speak with your health professional team about your specific needs. Whether certain diabetes medications may need to be altered to accommodate or whether you need to monitor your glucose levels etc. It is a wonderful time of the year and your health care professionals are there to support you and your diabetes.
*Have fun, guilt free. There us no need to feel guilt around food. Food is nourishing), brings people together, and a source of social interaction. Eat, enjoy, be sensible and have a great time. Remember though Christmas will also be around next year and the year after and so on, so don't feel pressure to over indulge. Savour the moment and enjoy.
Have a very Merry Christmas and Joyous New year.
Sherie Sourial
APD, CDE, Health Coach
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