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What's a good portion size?

You may never have to go on a diet or watch what you eat but if you have you probably found counting calories to lose weight is hard! You really have to know what most foods contain (particularly processed) and have a good idea of the calorific content of raw foods. Size always matters - a banana (or cake) will contain different calories depending on if it's small, medium or large!

When I was first diagnosed with type 2 there wasn't much around to make portion size easy and that's why I really like my portion plate. When I first got it (I got 2 to start with) I used it for every single meal, and that really helped me learn easily what a good portion size was. I found it so helpful that since then, I been giving them to my friend's kids as gifts. Anything that helps teaches kids about good nutrition can only be helpful!

Anyway, if you're interested click on the image. See you next time,

Portion plates for diabetes type 2

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