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Christmas Order Dates

We want to make sure we get your Diabetes Meals to you (or your loved one if you're sending someone a gift) so please note these dates:

Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, ACT: order by 19th December
Brisbane, Regional Vic, NSW and SA: order by 17th December
Western Australia and regional Queensland: order by 14th December

Please note we won't be despatching orders between Monday 24th December to Tuesday 2nd January (as our couriers are closed).

If it's in the pantry, it'll end up on your plate.

Here's the latest blog from our lovely dietitian Sherie!

Lets face it, how often do we head to the supermarket without a shopping list and end up buying everything in sight 👀. Not only does it add an extra cost to the bill, but we end up eating these foods, some of which are healthy and some not so much. 

By planning what type of meals we want to eat during the week and allocating these items on the shopping list (plus a few extras in the pantry in case we have unexpected guests or change our mind), we are;
1) Giving ourselves peace of mind earlier in the week, 
2) Ensuring meals have variety and are tasty and
3) Ensuring these meals are nutritionally balanced. 
Otherwise Uber eats and other online deliveries become our best friend especially during our busy weeknights🏃

So...How do we plan these meals in advance ensuring they are healthy, varied and tasty?

1) Since we eat with our eyes and our senses, choose meals that you will enjoy! Let's not set ourselves up for disappointment. Make a list of what meals you are likely to want for the week, taking into consideration you might swap days around or you may go out for a meal etc ✍

2) Ensure your main meal plate has the following combinations:
- 50% salad or veggies 🤚. Which is pretty much the bulk of it. It should be non-starchy veggies or salad. Any type; fresh, baked, steamed, roasted, stirfry, pan fry, bbq, however you like it. Don't let one negative experience or one type of vegetable taint your view on this healthy, low calorie, filling, fibrous element of your meal. Crunch, sip, munch and enjoy.
- 25% low GI carbs 👊; like potato, sweet potato, corn, quinoa, long grain/basmati rice and so on. These fill us up and give fuel/glucose for our muscles and brain and who wouldn't want that?. 25% of your plate is the size of your fist. Remember each person has their own personalised fist, therefore,their own serving size.
- 25% lean protein;🖐like red meat, white meat, oily fish, legumes, tofu. This compliments the meal and adds taste, texture, satiety and may also help sustain your blood glucose levels and avoid you from overeating on your carbs. Let's be real, we all like a bit of protein on our taste buds. Remember 25% is the size of your palm not your arm:) 

3) Either pre-cut your salads/veggies in advance, place in an airtight container and leave in the fridge for all your meals throughout the week, buy pre-cut salad/veggies or use frozen ones. Chopping can take time if one is in a hurry after work, so don't let that deter you and forward plan just a little. 

4) Ensure the night before or the morning of, that you are prepared so that there is no rush or pressure on your way home from work, school etc.

These little tricks of the trade may be a good starting point and before you know it, will integrate themselves into your lifestyle :) you won't know how things were before. 

Remember what you see in the pantry and on your plate, is a result of the choices you make. So let's make the healthy choice, the easy one. 
Bon Appetit everyone 🍽

Sherie Sourial- APD, CDE


Skinnybiks - the healthy, sweet snack

Are you searching for a healthy but sweet snack to help with those times when you just have to have some sugar? Skinnybiks are the answer and we are now stocking them!

Skinnybiks are a sweet tasting biscuit, designed by Professor Antigone Kouris (Melbourne based dietitian with over 30 years in the industry). Professor Kouris designed these for her patients but found they were so popular she began producing them in large quantities and shipping them Australia wide.

We're thrilled to be stocking the 3 delicious flavours - Chocolate, Cranberry and Date.  They come in packs of 9 and at only 56 calories each you will love every bite - and so will the kids!

Packed with nutrition they have quality wholesome ingredients e.g whole eggs, canola oil or extra virgin olive oil, almonds, natural undutched cocoa, couverture dark chocolate (or dates or cranberries), rice/oat bran/wholemeal spelt flour or gluten free lupin flour.

Try them with your next meal order - you'll love this sweet healthy snack. SHOP NOW

Is there such a thing as a healthy cookie?

Leading dietitian Melanie McGrice reviews Skinnybiks. And it's all good news.

I was asked to review some new gourmet soft-baked cookies that are now available to the public called ‘SkinnyBik’. They have been developed by an Australian Dietitian, Antigone Kouris, and claim to have 50% less sugar than regular cookies. Here are my thoughts on the ‘SkinnyBik’ cookie range…

Is there such a thing as a healthy cookie?

I was asked to review some new gourmet soft-baked cookies that are now available to the public called ‘SkinnyBik’. They have been developed by an Australian Dietitian, Antigone Kouris, and claim to have 50% less sugar than regular cookies. Here are my thoughts on the ‘SkinnyBik’ cookie range…

Skinny Bik claim that compared to other sweet biscuits, their cookies are lower in sugar, lower in fat (particularly saturated fat with no trans fats), lower in salt, have no artificial sweeteners or preservatives and are also rich in fibre and protein. The Nutrition Information Panel shows that these claims are true having only 1.6% saturated fat and 200mg sodium per 100g.
The cookies are also developed with portion control in mind. Each packaged serve provides you with 2 bite-sized cookies totalling only ~470kJ! That’s equivalent to the energy in a cup of low fat milk.
An added benefit with this cookie range is that it is also targeted for those with an irritable bowel or carbohydrate intolerances; these cookies are FODMAP friendly and all except the spelt cookie are gluten free as well.

SkinnyBik cookies come in 3 flavours:

1. Spelt, date and butterscotch cookies,
2. Lupin, cranberry and rose cookies,
3. Lupin, cocoa and dark choc chip cookies, and

A taste test around the office provided an overall favourable review. They are quite soft compared to the typical crunchiness or chewiness of an Anzac cookie. Overall they were quite pleasant to eat and came through with a nice hint of spice and sweetness.

My verdict
From a Dietitian’s point of view, these cookies tick all the boxes when it comes to providing a low fat, sugar and salt alternative to the sneaky biscuit snacks that come after dinner or accompany your cup of tea. Given that they also have such impressive protein content, I can see how they would actually be a great kilojoule controlled, high protein snack for a variety of my clients. If you feel that you need a healthier pick-me-up during the 3pm slump or if you’re looking for a new post-exercise snack, you may want to trial some SkinnyBik cookies for yourself.

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