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Skinny Biks - confirmed to reduce blood sugar levels

We are excited to tell you that our La Trobe University Skinnybik biscuit clinical
trial conducted in hospital patients with diabetes has just been published in
the journal Nutrients. PhD student Sophie Skalkos conducted the trial.

The Skinnybik Lupin cookies (2 at morning tea and 2 at afternoon tea)
lowered blood sugars in hospital patients with diabetes and reduced hunger! 
there is something special about lupin (see graph below).

Skinnybik Lupin biscuits for diabetes

The 4 lupin Skinnybik biscuits consumed in one day not only lowered blood sugars
when consumed but also up to 6 hours after they were consumed – known as the 2nd meal effect.  

We believe that this observation is due to the beneficial effect lupin has on the microbiome encouraging production of short chain fatty acids which can delay stomach emptying and stimulate insulin production.

Professor Antigone Kouris.



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