Our meals are ideal for travelling

Did you know that our meals are perfect for those who like to travel with their own meals? Because our meals are packed in sterile pouches they are slimline and don't need refrigeration making them ideal for packing in bags or even cases.

Diabetes Meals Online - perfect for travelling!

If you know someone who prefers to eat their own chosen meals send them to our shop!


Here's a simple explanation of what low GI foods are and why they are better for you when managing a low carb diet.

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Coconut Beef Curry is out of stock

Just a quick note to let you all know that our delicious Coconut Beef Curry is out of stock. We're busy designing yummy new meals to replace this though and we'll keep you updated! Love beef? Try our Chunky Meatballs instead!
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Easter is just around the corner.....

So we're offering a special Easter discount to introduce you to our new range of breakfasts. Simply use code EASTER when ordering from our 5 meal Breakfast and Dinner range and get to taste a selection of our delicious meals, with the porridge or muesli of your choice. Yum!!!!

Basmati Rice - why is it better?

We asked our dietitian Julia why basmati rice is the best choice of rice for people managing diabetes. She says:
It has the same amount of carbohydrates, but it has a lower gylcemic index (or GI) meaning it is better for blood glucose control.
Low GI foods cause carbohydrates to be digested and released into the blood more slowly, meaning blood glucose levels increase more slowly and don't reach as high levels compared to higher GI foods. In saying that the portion size is still important, because even if a food has a low GI a large portion size can still increase blood glucose levels to undesirable levels.  
Overall basmati is the best choice for rice and a suitable portion size would be around 1/2 a cup cooked as an accompaniment to our meals.

Latest Diabetes Statistics

Every 5 minutes an Australian is diagnosed with diabetes :(

Diabetes Statistics

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Test, record and act!

Happy Tuesday, everyone!

Today I thought I'd share this hilariously accurate illustration about diabetes! I'm sure all of us have slight Arithmophobia (even though 80% of a diabetic's day consists of carb counting, BGL roller coasters, and working out equations for insulin doses.)
The most horrifying numbers are always the ones we read from our BGL meters though, because they can affect our entire day with a single beep.
I know for me personally, a low reading in the morning will stress me out all day - the constant worry of wondering what made me hypo (or stressing about going low again) can keep me distracted for hours at a time. And a particularly high reading will have me pricking my finger every 20 minutes to make sure they've dropped! There is no escaping numbers.

Remember: Test, Record & Act!
- Elly

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Keeping active is food for the mind and body!

Happy to share another fabulous post from our guest blogger Sherie Sourial (Accredited Practicing Dietitian and Credentialed Diabetes Educator):

If someone told us they have a secret to feed the mind and body, we would run to it. No pun intended.

Activity is shown to release happy signals to put us in a relaxed and happy state.How awesome is that?

Heinsight is often a good reflection. How often after physical activity do we say to ourselves "it wasn't that bad after all". In fact after going through some slight aches, we may even say "it felt great".Taking the first step requires motivation and will power.It is almost like we know it's good for us, we can feel the benefits when we do it, but taking that first step is so far fetched.Right?

Here are some benefits of physical activity:

*General well-being. In the busy life we lead today we owe it to ourselves to have an outlet, a healthy energy release, an opportunity to recoup our mind. Physical activity helps provide this.
Blood glucose control. Physical activity has been shown to improve insulin sensitivity and therefore help improve blood glucose levels. It is important to liaise with a health professional to adjust medication and food in order to be safe when you're active.
*Weight loss. The whole energy in versus energy out scenario. Physical activity helps to burn calories and therefore aid in weight loss. However you don't have to lose weight to reep the benefits.
* Helps with aches and pains. Engaging our joints and muscles into movement, aids in releasing the pain and aches associated with the sedentary and rushed lifestyle we lead.
* Reducing our risk of other chronic conditions such as heart disease, stroke, high blood pressure etc.
* So many other benefits

So what will it take to make that first step and sustain it?

The Royal Australian College of General Practitioners (RACGP) in their guidelines for type 2 diabetes suggest 30 minutes of moderate activity on most days of the week.  For those engaging in this level of activity already it is recommended to keep it up. For others, we need a starting point. Here are some tips to help:
* Set realistic goals. Remember to make the healthy choice, the easy choice. Set SMART goals that we can meet. Enough to be challenging but not too off putting.
* Make it fun. The saying "no pain no gain" is important to note but perhaps changing this to "aim to sustain". We need to enjoy it in the moment, that way we're in it for the long term.Whether it is going for a regular walk, swim, jog with a friend etc. Whatever it is, make it fun and consistent.
* Seeing the benefit. When we can see the benefit in something, can connect with it and make it fun, we're driven to take the first step and sustain it too. Bonus!
* Find your drive.We may all be doing the same thing, but our drive for doing it differs which is what makes us so unique. Find your motivation! What is it that makes you want to jump up and reach for the stars? Whether it's your achy back, your energy with your grandkids, your ability to tie your shoelace, that half marathon you want to complete, etc etc. Whatever it is, make it personable, make it real!

So, where to?  Let's make it happen!

* Take time to sit and reflect on where we're at and where we want to be?
* Don't over think it. Some types of activity require us to budget around it, but guess what? If we want to start somewhere, we can go for a walk, be involved in community based activity; that's free!
* Take the first step! We need to start somewhere. Aim for a short 10 minutes at a certain time of the day, build that momentum and then challenge yourself to the next goal.
* Ask your GP to refer you to a health professional that can help you set realistic goals if there are other coniditons or injuries you are also wanting to consider.
* Remember we're in it for the long-term so let's make it real!

Come on, what are we waiting for?
Happy living everyone

Sherie Sourial
Accredited Practicing Dietitian 
Credentialed Diabetes Educator


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Our new menu - now despatching!

We've been filling orders all week from our new menu and it's proving very popular! Simply order online and we'll despatch your meals within 24 hours.

You'll get an email letting you know when your order has been despatched and you can track your delivery. We'll also send you an email once we've made delivery - just so you'll know in case you're not home. 

Creamy Coconut Beef Curry


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New meals

Well we've finally got all our packaging ready and meals go out tomorrow! We're excited and hope you are too. The taste and aroma are amazing - yummy!

And we're working on new meals so please let us know your favourites.

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  • Our meals are ideal for travelling

    Did you know that our meals are perfect for those who like to travel with their own meals? Because our meals are packed in sterile pouches they are slimline and don't need refrigeration making them ideal for packing in bags... read more



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