Managing diabetes doesn't mean skimping on flavour. 
Discover the delicious meal options we've created with delicious, nutritionally balanced meals, delivered straight to your door.
We've clearly marked the carbohydrate and sugar content in every meal to help make mealtime choice easier.

If you're newly diagnosed we know how overwhelming it can be to have to count carbs and sugars whilst dealing with everything else you're learning about.

Our meals give people living with Type 2 diabetes, pre-diabetes, gestational diabetes and Type 1 diabetes, much clearer and easier to read options, to help you choose what to eat. Our tasty dishes are also ideal for those who simply want to improve their diet.  Each meal has less than 430 calories per serve, less than 40g carbohydrate, minimal added sugar and is packed with nutrients to help you achieve a balanced diet. And they taste amazing!

Every recipe meets our strict nutritional criteria to ensure you receive a healthy and balanced meal that tastes delicious every single time.  Our meat and veggies come from our farmers across Australia and we're very proud to be supporting them.
We take the stress out of shopping, counting and cooking to give you back time to enjoy the things you love most. We donate a percentage of every meal sold to Baker IDI Heart & Diabetes Institute to help find a cure for diabetes.
Read about how we started, read our strict nutritional criteria for every meal or contact us for further information.

We deliver all over Australia daily. View our Menu

Diabetes Meals Online supports our aussie farmers

The meals and products sold on this website are not intended for an individual's management of diabetes as everyone is different. Please ensure you seek advice from your Doctor, Dietitian or Diabetes Educator before embarking on any change of diet. 

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